Specialty Meats

Includes: Buffalo, Turkey, Chicken, Lamb, Bear, Elk, Fish

Smoking Chickens                                     $5.00/each
Smoking Turkeys                                       $15.00/each
Smoke Turkeys and Cut in ½                   $20.00/each


Lamb Processing Prices

Butcher                                                $100.00
Includes standard processing
Waste Fee                                           $5.00

Buffalo Processing Prices
Butcher                                                $120.00
Cutting, Wrapping, Freezing
Whole, Half, or Quarter                    $0.54 Flat Rate Charge
Quarter                                                $10.00
Third or Eighth                                    $15.00

Elk Processing Prices
Cutting, Wrapping, Freezing            $0.60/lb

Bear Processing Prices
Flat Rate Charge
Whole Bear                                         $110.00
Cape Out added to flat rate             $75.00

Smoking Fish                                       $3.50/lb
*Charged on Green Weight*

*All Buffalo, Elk, & Bear Specialty Products are charged at Venison Prices!*