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Beef Cut Order Form

*If you don't want a certain roast or steak, select no in the box*

Short Ribs

*Average Roast Size is 2-3lbs or 3-4lbs*

Chuck Steak
Sirloin Tip
Cubed Steak
Ground Beef
Stew Meat
Soup Bones
Beef Bacon/Brisket
Thickness on Steaks

JERKY $6.00/lb

*We have a 6lb minimum on all our Jerky PER FLAVOR*

Jerky shrinks by 1/2 when it's cooked. For example, 6lbs will result in 3lbs finished weight. It is priced per pound and YOU WILL be charged on the 6lb fresh weight.


Snack Sticks $5.00/lb, with cheese add $.50/lb

*We have a 6lb minimum on Snack Sticks PER FLAVOR*

With Cheese?

Summer Sausage $4.00/lb, with cheese add $.50/lb

*We have a 6lb minimum on Summer Sausage PER FLAVOR*

Summer sausage spicy and spicy cheese will be a 12 pound minimum.

With Cheese?

You will receive a confirmation email after successfully submitting the cut order. If you do not receive the confirmation email, please submit the form again and contact us if needed.

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