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Pork Cut Order Form


*Average Fresh Roast Size is 2-3lbs or 3-4lbs*

Fresh Hock
Spare Ribs

Please indicate how you would like your sausage split!

Half Hogs *No more than 2 products

*1 product, up to 2 flavors per product

Example: All Sausage Links can be ½ Maple ½ Regular

*2 products, only 1 flavor per product

Example: ½ Sausage Links ½ Sausage Bulk, the Links only Regular and the Bulk only Maple

Whole Hogs *No more than 4 products

*1 product, up to 4 flavors per product

Example: All Sausage Bulk, can be ¼ Maple ¼ Hot  ¼ Regular ¼ Spicy

*2 products, up to 2 flavors per product

Example: ½ Sausage Links ½ Brats, the Links ½ Regular  ½ maple and the Brats ½ Beer ½ Cheese

*4 products, only 1 flavor per product

Example: ¼ Sausage Links, ¼ Sausage Bulk, ¼ Brats, ¼ Patties, the links only Regular, Bulk only Maple, Brats only Cheese, and Patties only Maple

You do not have to chose the same splits listed in the examples, but must follow the limits for your size hog as listed above.

Side Pork (selecting yes for this option will remove bacon)
Fresh Ham (selecting this option will make ham taste similar to pork roast)
If you selected yes for the Fresh Ham, please choose from the following:
Smoked Ham (standard)
If you selected yes for Smoked Ham, please chose one of the following:
Ham Steaks (These will come from your smoked ham and may alter your choice selected above)
Smoked Hocks
Smoked Picnic
Smoked Jowl

You will receive a confirmation email after successfully submitting the cut order. If you do not receive the confirmation email, please submit the form again and contact us if needed.

Attention Farmers and Customers! We must keep all informed regarding the batching of certain processed/and fresh products while maintaining safe food standards. The batched products we produce are, snack sticks, summer sausage, hotdogs, ring bologna, jerky, all sausage products, brats, and flavored patties. Fresh products will include all liver, heart, tongue, and tail unless specifically grass-fed. If you have any questions or are uncomfortable with your products being batched, don’t hesitate to reach out. You may call (989)838-2274 or


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